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Frequently Asked Questions

Though it is recommended, it is not necessary to subscribe to use the products. Each of The Orange Whip Family Of Products were designed to functionally improve your golf swing by just using them in their basic form. In addition, We offer free video content on all of the product pages including: Features and Benefits, How to Use and a few quick Drills. We Also offer a Limited Access Membership that features all the videos above and unlocks more exclusive content just by signing up with an email. Finally, with our Full Membership you receive all the mentioned, above hundreds of Functional Swing Training Movement videos, Daily Prescribed Routines and much more.  

To get the most out of all The Orange Whip Family Of Products we recommend at a minimum signing up for our limited membership. Here you can access How To Use Videos, Dozens of drills, examples of SWODS and Much More!

We highly recommend the Power Peel Package. As it includes all equipment used in every workout. Though the Power Peel Package is recommended it is not necessary to start training. As long as you have either an Orange Whip, LightSpeed, Or The Power Straps you are good to go!

I’ve never used the skillz version but I can tell you that the orange whip is the single greatest training aid that I’ve ever bought. 5 stars

It was designed to be only used on the driving range, or at home. 10-15 swings and then go directly to the driver, then work down to sand wedge. This is a great warm up routine!

Within the Training Programs landing page we have an entire pathway dedicated to Swing Flaw and Swing Fixes. To name a few we cover: Slice, Over the Top, Stuck, Sway, Reverse Pivot, Lifting Up, Too Long and Too Short.

I’m about 6’1″ and 230 # and I like my full- size whip. If you plan to use only irons you might be happy with the shorter version. The large orange whip for me helps me with pace balance and loosening up. There is also a Orange Whip Mid-size and Orange Whip Compact.

One of the main reasons beginners might feel intimidated by creating a Golf Swing and Body Gym set up in their homes is that they visualize the size of a standard Driving Range Or Indoor Golf Facility. This is just to accommodate a lot of golfers, the actual training space needed for one individual is minimal.

You only need enough space for your Swing Trainer essentials and enough open floor area to be able to do some core exercises lying down. We recommend a space that’s approximately 8ft by 10ft. Workouts can be done in a relatively small area if you have the right Training set up, like a Power Peel. The Power Peel is designed to be sturdy and will stay in place.

The Orange Whip will decrease your chances of “topping” the golf ball because it synchronizes your arms and body. It won’t allow your head to lift through impact, which is a cause of “topping” the ball.

The Orange Whip will help one stop slicing the ball too. Because the Orange Whip is weighted and flexible, it is very difficult to swing the Orange Whip in a continuous motion without keeping the Orange Whip on plane. Slicing is caused by an “over the top” move in the golf swing where the downswing goes from outside to in. The Orange Whip will not allow you to come “over the top”, because of the weight and flexibility. While swinging the Orange Whip, one’s backswing and through swing will be on the same plane..

I would say it’s an excellent item for a beginner
By wayne whitham on June 9, 2019

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    • Full Product Overview And Drills

      Learn "How To Use" As Well As The "Features And Benefits" Of All The Orange Whip Golf And Fitness Family Of Products. In Addition, Access A Complete List Of Quick Drills By Equipment And Swing Flaw.

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