Short Game Products

Stan Utley Inspired


Stan Utley Wedge

Orange Whip counterweighted flexible shaft system.  Stan Utley inspired 56° wedge head.


Orange Whip Putter Blade

Trains putting rhythm, tempo, timing, and balance.  Dual-sided spherical face promotes center contact.


Short Game Package

Trains short game rhythm, tempo, and timing.


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Patented Orange Whip Golf counterweigh design gives the player precise feedback.


Conquer the yips! Maximize your short game shots by allowing the wedge shaft to give proper feedback for loading and unloading.


Dual-sided, spherical face promotes center contact.


56 Degree Wedge head promotes short game rhythm and feel.

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What Orange Whip Customers have to say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what makes us Golf’s #1 Swing Trainer.

I've used during the winter to help develop a consistent short pitch and chip shot routine. It works, and I plan to use it throughout the year as a warm-up routine.

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Thomas Reed

Good training device for chipping and short pitches

Orange Whip short game products are a very useful addition to my golf training tools.

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5 stars!

Excellent training device for the short game. In my opinion, too much instruction on this facet of the game is mechanical at the cost of feel. This device, which I purchased based on my respect for Stan Utley, helps you develop feel that can be taken from the practice area to the course. Highly recommended.

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Douglas Henderson

Excellent training aid!

you're looking for a better feel these are the tools to use. I use these to warm up before playing and keep one by the grill. By the grill? Yeah, I've got the golf bug so bad I practice my swing on the patio while cooking.

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F Grafton

Best training aid on the market


A Complete Golfer

LightSpeed Trainer

Increases swing speed by up to 20% instantly.


Power Peel Package

Resist swing flaws and body limitations while engraining a repeatable, powerful swing


Power Strap and Speed Kit

Foot Straps band resistance helps your body move correctly on the range and gym.


Distance Duo

Trains rhythm, tempo, timing, balance, and speed


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  • Hundreds of easy to follow programs designed by our GFX certified coaches and new content added regularly
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All you need is your Orange Whip to start your swing and body transformation.

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