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The short game is a crucial aspect of golf that can make a significant difference in your overall score. Mastering your short game, including chipping, pitching, and putting, can help you lower your scores and become a more consistent player on the course. That’s why we offer a range of products specifically designed to improve your short-game skills.

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STAN UTLEY WEDGE: This wedge is designed in collaboration with renowned short game expert Stan Utley. It features a the patented Orange Whip swing system design that allows you to train the skill for different shots around the green. The Stan Utley Wedge is a reliable tool to help you improve your chipping and pitching techniques.
ORANGE WHIP PUTTER BLADE: The Orange Whip Putter Blade is a unique training aid that helps you develop a smooth, pendulum-like putting stroke. It provides instant feedback on face alignment and helps you establish a consistent rhythm and tempo in your putting stroke. By using the Orange Whip Putter Blade, you can improve your putting accuracy and distance control.
SHORT GAME PACKAGE: Our Short Game Package offers a comprehensive set of training aids and tools to enhance your short game skills. It includes the Stan Utley Wedge and Orange Whip Putter Blade.



Using these short-game products can yield several benefits for golfers looking to improve their skills around the green:
  • IMPROVED TECHNIQUE: The Stan Utley Wedge and Orange Whip Putter Blade help you develop proper technique and form, enhancing your ability to make precise and controlled shots.
  • CONSISTENCY: Regular use of these products can improve your consistency in chipping, pitching, and putting, leading to more reliable and predictable results on the course.
  • DISTANCE CONTROL: These tools can help you fine-tune your touch and feel, allowing you to control the distance of your shots more effectively.



Selecting the ideal short game tool depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider the following factors when choosing:
  • PERSONAL GOALS: Identify your areas of focus and prioritize which aspects of your short game you want to enhance.
  • PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Try out different options to find the product that feels comfortable and suits your playing style.



To optimize your practice and performance with these short-game products, consider the following tips:
  • CONSISTENCY AND REPETITION: Regularly incorporate these tools into your practice routine to develop muscle memory and consistent movements.
  • FOCUS ON TECHNIQUE: Pay attention to proper technique and form while using these products to ensure you are practicing the correct motions.
  • GRADUAL PROGRESSION: Start with shorter shots and gradually work your way up to more challenging shots as your skill and confidence improve.

By following these usage tips, you can maximize the benefits of these short-game products and elevate your performance around the green.


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