Orange Whip Clinic - How To Use the Orange Whip

Jim Hardy, 2007 National PGA Teacher of the Year

PGA Professional Ben Weir Demonstrates the Orange Whip

Erika Larkin on the Orange Whip

Orange Whip Instruction with Mike Harbour

Swing Clinic with Jimmy Hanlin 2016

Cure Your Slice with Tom Patri

Stop That Over The Top Slice

Drive with Power & Accuracy

Ben Blalock Orange Whip Trainer Pivot Drill - Assisted

Swing Clinic with Jimmy Hanlin

Cure Your Hook with Tom Patri

Take Your Game to the Course

Relieve Short Game Anxiety

Orange Whip Compact - Short Game

Orange Whip Compact - Wedge Game

Full Swing Keys to Success

Offseason Game Improvement with the Orange Whip

Orange Whip Trainer Safety Tips


5 Minute Drills

Torso Twist Drill

Hinging Forearm Rotation Drill

Full Swing Drill

Warm-Up with Martin Chuck, PGA

Orange Whip Webinar 1 - The Golf Swing - Complicated or Simple?

Orange Whip Webinar 2 - Five Functional Movements for Off-Season Training and Golfing Longevity


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The Orange Whip Compact Introduction

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