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Eventually it happens to all of us…getting to the course at the last minute for your tee time. Ugh. So what are some quick and efficient ways to prepare your body and mind for a round of golf? Our Backswing professionals share their thoughts.

Quick Warmup for Golf

Running to the first tee from the car is not recommended, but we’ve all done it! If pressed for time, it is important to get your body ready for the golf swing motion.

First off, I encourage stretching your back, shoulders, wrists and hips. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, but I personally like doing a set of continuous swinging drills with an Orange Whip or a golf club, to prepare the body for the Full swing. In the accompanying video, I go through a quick way to get ready to play. I start with the Torso Twist to loosen up my back, but since the drill is motivated by footwork; it loosens up the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. I do this for about 30 seconds.

Next, I will do one handed swings (right and left) for about 30 seconds each. These swings are like tennis forehands and backhands and they loosen up the wrist, forearm, shoulder and they coordinate the upper and lower body synchronization. Finally, I will do repetitive motion full swings continuously for about 30-40 seconds to tie it all together. I finish off with a few actual practice swings with a golf club to mimic my swing on the first tee. Then I let it Rip!

Jim Hackenberg, PGA

Hackenberg, J. (2023, May 3). How do you warm up for a round of golf when you’re pressed for time?.