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These programs will improve your golf swing and body in one total golf gym program.

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All you need is your orange whip to start your swing and body transformation.

Swing Training Products

Golf's #1 Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Ball replaces the club head and allows you to focus on swinging without worrying about the position of the clubface.

Golf's #1 Speed Trainer

The Orange Whip Lightspeed

Smaller and lighter weight allows you to feel, see, and hear your swing get faster.

Swing Better. Play Better.

The Power Peel and Power Straps

Resist swing flaws and body limitations while engraining a repeatable, powerful swing.

Get Up and Down

Stan Utley Short Game

Orange Whip counterweighted wedge and putter blade inspired by Stan Utley.

What Orange Whip Customers have to say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what makes us Golf’s #1 Swing Trainer.

I use the Orange Whip Trainer to make sure my swing is how I want it. It helps me warm up and get ready to play.

Testimonial Item

William Mcgirt, PGA Tour

It's on the bag

I use the Orange Whip Trainer to make sure my swing is how I want it. It helps me warm up and get ready to play.

Testimonial Item

Jim Hardy, 2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year

One of your staunchest believers

I'm a big fan of the Orange Whip training aid to help with this. With its weighted end and flexible shaft, the Orange Whip keeps the arms and body moving in the proper sequence for that desired in-to-out path.

Testimonial Item

Daniel Berger, PGA Tour

Groove the right path

Best teaching & training aids out there! Must-haves for everyone teaching people to play this wonderful game we all love and great practice tools for players of all abilities.

Testimonial Item

Deb Vangellow, 2012 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

Must-have products

Every instructor I have had has provided me one or two training tools promising that it would help my game. Well, they didn't. The Orange Whip Trainer is the only swing aid that has helped me trough the years. I swing it every day.

Testimonial Item

Michael, Avid Golfer

I swing it every day

I want to share my experience with anyone with back problems or recent surgery. I was a student of Manual de la Torre and the Orange Whip works wonderfully for this type of swing. I feel like I have the tempo of Justin Rose after swinging the Orange Whip between swings.

Testimonial Item

Robert, Avid Golfer

Helpful for those with back pain

Drills & Tutorials

Orange Whip Getting Started

Orange Whip Fix “Stuck” Drill

Power Peel Getting Started

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