"Best Full Swing Training Aids For Golf."

Golf Digest

"I use the Orange Whip to make sure my swing is how I want it"

William McGirt, PGA Tour Winner

"I am certain by training properly with the ORANGE WHIP WEDGE, golfers will improve their short game skills and lower their scores."

Stan Utley, Short Game Expert & PGA Tour Winner

"I am probably one of your staunchest believers. It is just a fantastic tool for the one plane swing to build up a sense of turning the hips and core to generate power.

It is the best device I have ever seen to develop a correct feel for sequencing the hips and core to whip the arms and club rather than using effort in the arms to try to whip the club. I'm a true believer in this."

Jim Hardy, 2007 PGA National Teacher of the Year

Best teaching & training aids out there! MUST - HAVES for everyone teaching people to play this wonderful game we all love and GREAT practice tools for players of all abilities!

Deb Vangellow, 2012 LPGA National Teacher of the Year

"I love my Orange Whip!”"

George Lopez

"Voted Top Teaching and Training Aid"

Golf Range Association of America