Train Track


Reps or Time/Exercise

  • 1 Minute/High Knees
  • 1 Minute/High Knees into Figure 4
  • 1 Minute/High Knees Into Table Tops
  • 30 Seconds/Extended Arm Pivots
  • 10/Side Lunge with Overhead Extension Demo
  • 15/Quarter Squats with Overhead Extension
  • 30 Seconds/Leg Swings Forward and Back (Each Leg)
  • 30 Seconds/Leg Swings Side to Side (Each Leg)
  • 30 Seconds/W Swings/Turns​




Buy In (Do this First)

50/Wrist Snap


7 Minute AMRAP

12/Jason Dufner Drill

12/Ys, Ws, Ts

12/Shoulder Internals and Externals

​12/Push Pulls

GFX Coaches Notes - "Get ready for some forearm, shoulder and upper back work in this GFX SWOD! Choose a good resistance for the Y, W, Ts or no resistance at all. Make sure you keep your upper back active to keep those shoulders safe but move and transition quickly through each GFX Fit-Skill with proper form! Post your rounds to our Facebook page! A GFX Upper Body Recovery Routine after this SWOD will help stretch out those Swing Plane muscles, then hone your ball striking skills with a GFX On the Range Swing Plane Drill next time you hit balls. Get your swing on "Track" and go get it!" - GFX Coaches


Reps or Time/Exercise

45 Second/Pigeon Stretch (Each Leg)

45 Second/Knee to Chest Stretch (Each Leg)

45 Second/Sumo Stretch