Swing Workout Of the Day: "Right Down the Middle"



WARM UP - 00:27-7:27


3 Rounds First:

10/Around the Worlds (5 each direction) 

10/Back Rack Shoulder Press w/ Rotation

10/Forward Lunge w/ Chest Rotation (5 each leg)

Then 1 Round:

10 Side Bends w/ Rotation 

10 Torso Twists 

10 Hinging Forearm Rotations - 5 Right Hand Only, 5 Left Hand Only

10 Full Swings, 5 Right Handed Grip, 5 Left Handed Grip



5 Rounds for Time


20/Elbow Drill (10 each arm)


20/Hinging Forearm Rotations (10 each arm)


40/Cross Body Punches (20 each direction)

GFX Coaches Notes - This Swing Plane SWOD may seem slow, but don't be fooled! The high rep schemed "Fit-Skill" movements to start will get you moving the Orange Whip nicely on plane, then the I,Y,Ts and 40 cross body punches will tax your upper body muscles and make you sweat! Do this SWOD in under 10 minutes and you will be sure to hit it "Right Down the Middle". Be safe and modify the I,Y,Ts if need be. Make sure you push through the cross body punches as quickly as possible with proper form to burn some calories and strokes off your game! KKI. Keep killing it. Contact us with any questions. -GFX Coaches.  


COOL DOWN - 23:05 - 26:07


1 Minute/Hip Hinge Shoulder Stretch

45 Second/Palms to Ceiling

30 second/A-Frame Stretch (each side)