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#AskJimHack : Who is the most intriguing golf figure you’ve met?

April 04, 2019

#AskJimHack : Who is the most intriguing golf figure you’ve met?

From our "Ask Jim!" posts, which is a question-and-answer series with the inventor of the Orange Whip, Jim Hackenberg.
Who is the most Intriguing golf figure you’ve met?
-I was a ‘walk on’ to the Arizona State U. golf team in the Fall of 1988, I won the qualifier by beating 60+ players in a 6 round tournament. ASU had recruited the blue chip of all blue chip Junior golfers in Phil Mickelson, and he began his college career in the Fall of 1988. I was able to play golf with Phil for that 1988-89 season. The most intriguing aspect that I remember about Phil was his abundant optimism regarding golf and his next shot. Phil and I could both hit a ball into the right trees, and I would scold myself and be irritated that I was gonna have to punch out from the trees to get back into play. Whereas Phil would walk very fast to his ball with all the excitement in the world to have the chance to create a ‘Miracle shot’ from the trees, and hopefully make birdie! I was stuck in the past and he was already looking for an optimistic outcome. This personality trait seems to have stayed with him his whole career.