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Swing into Totality

September 06, 2017

Swing into Totality

Orange Whip World Headquarters is located in Easley, SC and just happened to be in the path of the Solar Eclipse Totality last week (2/21/17).  The experience was incredible, although only lasting 2 minutes 38 seconds, the effect was extremely memorable.  Looking at this picture, we use the Orange Whip to 'eclipse' the palm tree, and create a different viewpoint to look at.    
When I was first developing the device that eventually became the Orange Whip, I knew it had to have a ball on the end of the shaft.  Many people ask: "why didn't you put a club head on the end of the shaft so I could hit balls with it?"   My answer has always been:  "I don't want you thinking about hitting a ball, I want you to be focused on swinging, the hitting happens as a result".  So, by training with the Orange Whip with a ball on the end allows each golfer to find their most athletic swing.  The hitting of the ball comes when we properly address the golf ball and allow the club to do what it is designed to do, hit the ball as it passes by.   
So, like an eclipse, I'm trying to block the 'Hit' instinct and let the swing develop into your 'Totality'!
You Gotta Feel It!

Jim Hackenberg, PGA