Meet the Team: Mandy

  • Name: Mandy
  • Birthplace: Rochester, MI
  • Position: Director of Communications
  • What brought you to the Orange Whip: Jim Hackenberg is my uncle and he hired me after I graduated from Clemson in '07 as his first employee. I learned to do a little of everything in those first years! It was really cool to be a part of a business' growth from the inception of it.
  • NFL or College Football? Favorite Team? College. Clemson - National reigning champs, baby!
  • Interesting fact: During the early years we worked out of Jim's house. When business was slower, I could take a "hot tub break" for 15 minutes of so, as long as I took the phone out with me. Things are a lot different now!
  • If you could travel anywhere, where would that be? Norway, to see the Fjords and Northern Lights.
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookies N Cream
  • What is your favorite thing about working at Orange Whip? Besides Hot Tub Breaks? :) I love that I am afforded the opportunity to work part-time from home, part-time from the office so I can see my two little girls more, and likewise they can see their mom working and modeling for them hard work and persistence in my job.