Meet the Team: Doug

  • Name: Doug
  • Birthplace: Minot, ND
  • Position: COO
  • What brought you to the Orange Whip: I have been long-time friends with Jim Hackenberg and I liked his idea when he first showed me the prototype of the Orange Whip Trainer.
  • NFL or College Football? Favorite Team? Equal - I have moved around so much that I don't have a lifetime favorite in either leagues.
  • Interesting fact: I grew up in a family with 9 kids (side note: Jim did, too!)
  • If you could play any Course with Anyone, where and whom would that be? It would have to be Augusta or St. Andrews with my brothers
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
  • What is your favorite thing about working at Orange Whip? The family atmosphere and being able to make and change policy based on the current needs of our employees and customers.