#AskJimHack: Most Fun Golf Event?

December 07, 2018

#AskJimHack: Most Fun Golf Event?

(This is part of a new series we are presenting #AskJimHack. Feel free to send in your questions for the inventor of the Orange Whip golf training products!)


What was most fun golf event I’ve been to?

-For me playing, the PGA Professional National Championship in 2011 was a great event! It’s difficult to qualify for and the level of quality players there is high. We played at Hershey CC in PA, and it was perfect weather in June. I missed the cut, so disappointed in my play, but loved the competition and hope to play again in the event soon!

-As for ‘most fun golf event’ that I caddied in was thePGA Tour Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte. The organizers of this event treat the players and caddies like Kings, and as a caddie, we were not accustomed to this?! They valet parked our vehicles, provide breakfast and lunch, and even had an air conditioned area for us to rest while not caddying. Plus, they offered free tickets to me for family and friends. A wonderful event!

-As far as pure fun, you can’t beat the WM Phoenix Open (pictured)! There are over 100,000 people per day attending, and it is an all day party. Quiet is not a part of Phoenix Open, the fans react more like a football game, than a golf tournament.