#AskJimHack - Favorite Golf Course

What is the favorite golf course you worked at?

The Plantation Golf Club in Indio, CA (La Quinta). It was a seasonal job from October thru May, and this was the heavy traffic time for our golfers. I liked it for many reasons: It was a great golf course, the membership was low handicap players with a desire to improve, and my boss was a great golf pro that
knew everyone in the area. We were compensated well and the working environment was comfortable and allowed us to grow as golf enthusiasts. The design of the parking lot, clubhouse, proshop, practice area, 1 st and 10 th tees, and 9 th and 18 th green were all in perfect proximity for convenience.
I was grateful to have had a 7 year experience at the Plantation.


*this is a part of our series "Ask the Inventor"